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Two million organized people

Monday, April 5, 2010 by Emily Boyd

Bob thanks you!

Well, we're a step closer in our plans for world domination quest to make the world more organized and productive. We recently passed the two million user mark, and we just wanted to thank everyone who's supported our little team along the way.

As always, we're thankful to each and every one of you who've upgraded to Pro over the last few years, and have continued to renew your Pro account since! Without your support, Remember The Milk would no longer exist (really!). Before we launched Pro accounts, this thing went a tad bit closer to sending us broke than we'd like to admit; just imagine all the milk (okay, and more important things) that would've been forgotten…

These days, we're no longer just two people and a stuffed monkey in Sydney, Australia. We have a growing little team of awesome people spread across three continents (check out our jobs page if you'd like to join us!).

We're continuing to work on cool stuff that we're hoping you'll like, and love receiving feedback and suggestions just as much as we've always done (you guys have really made sure we have a never-ending to-do list :). Bob and the rest of the team thank you for being Remember The Milk users!

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