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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Divide and subtract to tackle a huge list

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 by Emily Boyd

Sometimes you're faced with a monumental task like, say, moving house. There's a lot of packing to do, a lot of calls to be made, and lots of organizing to be done. This week, duckybumpkins shares a tip about how tackle a huge list of tasks without feeling overwhelmed, while getting the most out of your time:

I'm currently in the process of moving, and I love lists, so as soon as I found this site, I got cracking.

The move is for 3 months from now, so I can only start with the less important objects, such as winter clothes, too-small clothes for my two baby boys, books which my husband and I will not read until after the move, etc.

So I made a moving list, which includes all the calls I have to make, who I have to change addresses with, what belongs in our storage, what should be packed, etc.

In conjunction with my moving list, is my next day to-do list. Every day, or every couple of days, depending on how it works out, I transfer 2-3 of the moving list items to my next day list. That way, I don't constantly have to scroll down my huge moving day list (which of course has a great many things to do last minute), so I can manage my time better, and not get overwhelmed, especially when I have a chores list and others, that have everyday tasks to do.

And so I divide, and slowly work my way to eliminating the tasks ahead.

Thanks for sharing this tip, duckybumpkins! You're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week. :)

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