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iPhone app update: Auto-complete for Smart Add, smarter auto-syncing, bulk uncompletion, toggle auto-rotation, and more

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 by Emily Boyd

You guys chose "Improve the existing iPhone app" as your #1 mobile request in our recent mobile survey, so we're excited to announce that the latest version of the Remember The Milk app is now available on the App Store. Read on to learn what's new in version 1.3.0.

Auto-complete for Smart Add

Having trouble remembering those Smart Add shortcuts (# for tag, @ for location, etc)? No problem, we've now made it even faster to add tasks in the app with auto-completion for the Smart Add field.

When adding your task, just tap on one of the icons (due date, priority, etc) below the 'Add Task' bar. You'll then see a list of quick options you can tap, such as common due dates or tags you've created. You can also start typing to filter the options (e.g., find your tags that start with "p"), or enter something that's not in the list.

Smart Add auto-complete   Smart Add auto-complete

Smarter auto-syncing

This one was a highly requested feature. Until now, if you opened the app to just quickly add or complete a task, you either needed to wait for the auto-sync to happen (about every 5 minutes) or start a manual sync to make sure that your changes were synced with Remember The Milk.

With smarter auto-syncing, the app will wait several seconds after you've made a change, then automatically begin syncing with Remember The Milk. You'll see the little dots under the sync icon count down until the next auto-sync, so no more wondering if you have changes that need syncing!

Sync icon showing auto-sync

Bulk uncompletion

Got a whole bunch of tasks to uncomplete at once? You can now uncomplete multiple tasks by tapping 'Edit' on your task list. Select the task(s) you wish to uncomplete, then tap the 'Uncomplete' button. Done!

Bulk uncompletion

Toggle auto-rotation

This one's for those of you who enjoy managing your tasks while lying in bed (or just like to hold your phone at an unusual angle :). You can now toggle auto-rotation of the app, locking it into either portrait or landscape mode, from the Settings screen in the app.

Toggle auto-rotation setting

Localization updates

We love making the app available in as many languages as possible. This version brings localization updates for Dutch, French, Finnish, Korean and Polish. Interested in helping to make the app available in your language? We'd really appreciate any help — please check out our online translation program.

App-wide optimizations

We've been working on a bunch of app-wide optimizations, to make the app as speedy as possible. For those of you who use the notes feature heavily, we've also improved handling on initial sync for accounts with a large number of notes, and improved memory usage for large notes. W00t!

Bug fixes and enhancements

We've also taken the opportunity to include some other small enhancements and fixes in this release:

  • Tapping on a location in the tasks view now opens the Maps app with that location.
  • Tapping an action on the task edit screen (e.g. Complete Task/Postpone Task) now saves any unsaved changes to the task prior to dismissing the task edit screen.
  • Tasks now repeat correctly after a repeating task is deleted and the 'Continue Repeating' option selected.
  • Searches/Smart List criteria containing the OR NOT operators now return the correct results.
  • Time estimates when the device language is not English are now interpreted correctly.
  • The Smart Add bar now supports auto-correction.
  • Fixed issue with a grey artefact behind/on top of the 'Add Task' field.
  • Smart Add now uses the default list setting when adding tasks.

Hey, what about the iPad?

While there's nothing specific in this release for the iPad, "Develop a new iPad app" was the #3 mobile request in our recent mobile survey. You can be sure that Bob T. Monkey is taking those survey results seriously. ;)

Enjoy the updates!

We hope you like this latest app release! Want to learn more about the app in general? Check out the Remember The Milk for iPhone & iPod touch section of the site.

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