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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Living with eleven other guys and a dog

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 by Emily Boyd

12 guys and a dog

While RTM user rotocastro might have a bit of an unusual living situation, his Tips & Tricks Tuesday winning tip is helpful for anyone sharing a household and attempting to get everyone to pull their weight:

I use RTM to manage my fraternity. I live in a house with eleven other guys and a dog. We used to have a lot of problems to memorize and organize our "To-do's", and almost every Monday night meeting someone would come along with that old excuse: "Oh… I forgot, I will do it for next week for sure".

And the other 11 would wait for the rest of their academic lives to see it. Fortunately I found RTM searching for Task Managers.

So, this is how we (because I've created an account for the fraternity) do it.

At first we've created 12 folders named after our names (heheh). Then at the beginning of which meeting someone is responsible to write down the obligations and transfer them to RTM. We allocate each task to someone's folder name and we have all registered our e-mail so that RTM can alert us!

I am not saying that everyone fills their obligations, but we've increased from 0% of efficiency to 70%. Thank you RTM!

Thanks for sharing this tip, rotocastro, and good luck getting the rest of the guys to complete their tasks!

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