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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Catching up on reading

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 by Emily Boyd

Got a shelf full of half-read books that are silently mocking you? (I know I do.) This week's tip, from RTM user adjectivenoun, will help you plough through those pages:

Bob catches up on his reading

Do you ever have those books that you really want to finish but that just won't die? My problem usually lies in the book's overbearing sense of proportion.

What I do is create a new item called "Chapter" that repeats every few days (or a day, if you're more ambitious than I). That way, my reading gives me flexibility, and it seems a lot less stressful; if I have to postpone or delete a specific day, it will reappear soon enough without me worrying about neglect. I feel more accomplished when I get a whole chapter read and get to check it off my list.

I usually tag "Chapter" with the book title (especially useful if you're juggling multiple reads), but making a new List altogether works as well if you're really keen on getting the darn thing finished.

Thanks for sharing this tip, adjectivenoun — you're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week!

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