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Bob T. Monkey explores "The Infinity of Lists" at the Louvre

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 by Emily Boyd

Bob at the Louvre  Bob checks out some lists  Bob with Mesopotamian tablets  Bob with hieroglyphics

What exactly does a list-loving stuffed monkey do on his vacation? If you thought he'd be kicking back at the beach in his Sydney hometown, you'd be wrong! Bob hopped on a plane to Paris (you have no idea of the trouble we had in getting him a passport) to check out Umberto Eco's "Mille e tre" exhibition at the Louvre.

The exhibition "traces the evolution of the concept of a list through history and examines how its meaning changes with the passage of time". While Bob had a little trouble understanding the captions on the exhibits (he speaks excellent JavaScript, but his French isn't so great), he thoroughly enjoyed checking out lists of all kinds.

Bob's favourite examples of lists were the hieroglyphics from ancient Egypt, Mesopotamian tablets, and the menu of Tepemankh. While at the Louvre, Bob also relished the chance to see the Mona Lisa and, ever on the lookout for cows, was amazed to discover some Ancient Egyptian ones in the Louvre's collection.

Check out the photos from Bob's Louvre visit

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