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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Using Remember The Milk in a long distance relationship

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 by Emily Boyd

I'll let this week's Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner, RTM user alvlam, explain the title of this post. :)

Long distance tasks

You might be wondering whether there is a typo in the title, but this is exactly one of the ways I make use of this great utility.

This is a tip for the unfortunate few of us in the world surviving a long distance relationship. We have created a shared list of "things we will do together", and we can each populate this list with any little idea for an activity that we can look forward to. It sure helps lighten those low days because we can just look at the list and be reminded of upcoming visits and dream of the future.

We take it a step further and assign priorities to the events, along the lines of:
Priority 1 – "Things we will certainly do in the very near future", eg. ice skating at the Rockefeller Center or sharing a banana split.
Priority 2 – "Things that we would love to do together at some point in life", eg. explore Patagonia.

As RTM keeps the list organized by priority, the more realistic and upcoming items are then presented towards the top of our list.

Finally, when we do visit each other, there is a great sense of accomplishment when we get to complete an RTM task… even for the smallest seemingly insignificant items!

Thanks for sharing this tip, alvlam!

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