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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Talking to the doctor

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 by Emily Boyd

This helpful tip, shared by RTM user mehardin, is useful not only for an upcoming doctor's appointment, but any kind of meeting where you want to make sure you have everything covered:


I have my semi-annual checkup in a couple of days, and I keep thinking of different things I need to talk to my doctor about while I'm there. Anytime I think of one I just add it to RTM with the tag:Doc.

These don't show up in any of my Smart Lists, because all of my Smart Lists require the tag "na" (next action).

What makes it work particularly well is EACH TASK has a due date of 8am Thursday, the time of my appointment. I have my reminders set up to send me timed tasks 10 minutes before they are due. So each item will be sent to me in it's own SMS message.

I thought about just using Twitter to "d rtm !gettag Doc". But this has two hiccups, rarely, but occasionally, the Twitter functionality is delayed. I don't want to get my list of items as I'm LEAVING the doctor's office. More importantly, by giving each item a due date, each item gets it's on SMS message. If I do a "gettag" request, they are all grouped in one message and sometimes (actually usually) tasks are broken across two SMS messages. This way I can go to SMS #1, talk with the Doc, then move on to SMS #2, and on down the line.

Thanks for sharing this tip, mehardin — you're our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week. :)

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