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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Saving time and frustration at the video store

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 by Emily Boyd

This week's winner, RTM user kristian.domagala, shared a helpful tip to prepare for video store visits:

Bob can't decide what to watch

When going to the video store to hire out a DVD, I used to find it very frustrating to try to find something that I wanted to see. Either I didn't recognise any of the movies or I couldn't think on the spot of movies I had been wanting to see. By browsing through the titles, I sometimes came across something that I recognised, but it was hit and miss and always took longer to choose.

Now, whenever I read a review or see a preview of a movie I think I would be interested in seeing, I add it to my Movies list in RTM. As a user of RTM on the iPhone, I can do this almost immediately so I don't forget. Then later, when I'm at the video store, I just pull up the Movies list on my iPhone and go straight to the movies I want to see.

I also have a CDs list that I maintain for the same reason. Whenever I hear a song on the radio that I like, I make a note of it so I remember it the next time I'm out buying CDs.

Thanks for sharing this tip, kristian.domagala!

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