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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Create a Smart Add cheat sheet on your phone

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 by Emily Boyd

iPhone contact screenshot

Want to use Smart Add when emailing tasks to Remember The Milk, but having trouble remembering all the different properties you can include alongside your task name? Try this helpful tip from RTM user jwander14 (while jwander14 is using an iPhone, this general idea will work on many phones).

I use the iPhone with "RTM" as a contact for both individual task add and task import add via email by entering my unique email addresses to the RTM contact. In order to remember the punctuation marks needed to assign the variables for Smart Add, I use this abbreviated chart so it fits nicely on my iPhone contact notes section.

Task Name & Due Date
Due Date – ^ date/time
Priority – ! priority
List and Tags – # list/tag
Location – @ location
Repeat – * how often
Time Estimate – = time est.
URL – Begin with http://

Thanks for sharing this tip, jwander14! You’re our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week. :)

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