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Goodbye, Beta

Friday, October 30, 2009 by Emily Boyd

Remember The Milk logo without beta

The particularly observant among you might have noticed something missing when you logged into Remember The Milk this morning; that's right, the "Beta" in our logo is gone!

When we launched Remember The Milk four years ago, we had this quaint idea that we'd leave beta once we were "done". I'm not too sure what we thought "done" meant, but as we've been busy developing stuff over the years it's become pretty apparent that we'll never be done — there's just too many exciting things we can develop, and too many ways we can still improve Remember The Milk.

So we've decided, like the web app that inspired us, to finally leave beta; web apps don't need to be in beta anymore to continue to evolve. Goodbye, little beta label — you've served us well, but it's time we part ways.

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