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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Romance planning with Remember The Milk

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 by Emily Boyd

This week's winner, RTM user andrew.wilkie, shared a great tip for a more unusual use of Remember The Milk: romance planning! Bob's been following this tip, and it's already paying off (see photo, below). andrew.wilkie says:

Bob's romance planning pays off

Regular romance is good, certainly if you are in a relationship! Recently I read an article in a newspaper. Listing 10 things you can do for your partner.

Rather than keep the article I emailed myself/RTM the suggestions. Each suggestion becoming a new 'task' each month. 1 task per month.

I set the deadline to "month" i.e March. I didn't know but RTM has set the date for the 1st of each "month". That suits me since I use RTM and my email calendar extensively. This will give me time to book that weekend away.

Thanks for sharing this tip, andrew.wilkie!

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