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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Remember the blog

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 by Emily Boyd


Bloggers have a lot of regular tasks: from the obvious "write a new blog post" task, to researching topics, tweaking the design and features, and blog promotion. RTM user and blogger, soloviov, shared four great tips on using Remember The Milk to stay on top of these tasks and "make the best blog ever". :)

#1 I run numerous projects at a time, so I've set up a project-blog task list to keep my blog related tasks together but separate from other todo's.

#2 Within this list I've created several "never-ending" tasks which I use as idea containers:

Ideas: Content
Ideas: Design
Ideas: Features
Ideas: Promotion

I put all my ideas into notes using my phone. I can do it any time they come to my mind wherever I am, and then just sync them with online account.

I run weekly reviews of these ideas and if I feel there will be some time during the upcoming week I set up certain tasks within the same list, add due dates and other attributes to put them into the pipeline.

#3 I also log ideas about specific articles by creating 1 task per article. Initially I just put some notes in to remind myself about the details of the future post and add an "article" tag to the task – nothing else.

This way there is always a queue of new articles to be written. I don't have to put myself into creative mood when "it's time for blogging", I can be creative whenever inspiration comes.

#4 To write and post articles regularly I've set up a recurrent weekly task in the same list. It reminds me about my readers waiting for new cool posts. When it comes up on todo list I simply click "articles" in my tag cloud and get a list of ideas ready to work with.

All of the above helps me a lot in keeping my blog up to date and saves a lot of hassle around capturing and managing cool ideas that come to mind. Follow these tips and make the best blog ever!

Thanks for sharing these tips, soloviov — you’re our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week!

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