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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Push yourself with Push Notifications

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 by Emily Boyd

RTM user odelaney is training for the Marathon des Sables, 2011 — a 7-day running race, 150 miles across the Sahara Desert! He's come up with a creative way of motivating himself, combining tasks with Push Notifications from the iPhone app. This is a great way to keep your motivation up, whether you're training for an ultramarathon or not! odelaney explains:

I needed some extra motivation for some things in my life, so I came up with the idea of using RTM to help me out. Now that we have push notifications for the iPhone, it seems well suited to giving me the extra nudges I need during my day to keep off the smokes and keep up with my training.

I thought others may find this useful, so here's how I'm doing it:

I've created a new list called "motivator" to keep all these reminders from cluttering up my inbox.

Within this list I've created reminders to nudge me 3 times a day about why I want to stop smoking (at the key times I want to light up – first thing in the morning, after lunch, after dinner); and once a day to give me a kick up the arse and go for a run.

The quit smoking nudges I want to vary as much as possible, so I've created unique motivators for each key moment of the day, and each day of the week, i.e. 3 nudges x 7 days, so 21 unique statements. Then each week, I'll shuffle them up a bit so it doesn't get repetitive. Same for the training motivators. And they're set to repeat weekly, so when I check them off each day, the following week's one becomes active.

So, now I'm getting these motivators throughout the day as push notification messages on my iPhone, then, if all goes to plan, I'll check them off as complete before I go to bed.

It's looking something like this:

Push Notification motivators

Thanks for sharing this tip, odelaney — you’re our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week. Best of luck with your training! :)

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