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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Creating a Borrowed/Lent list

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 by Emily Boyd

If you have friends or family who like to make a habit of "borrowing" your stuff, this cool tip shared by RTM user ahojohnebrause might help you out.

Borrowed/Lent List

Recently, I remembered that a buddy of mine is in debt to me for a crate of beer, so I made a task in RTM to remind myself to remind him next time we met.

After that, I got thinking, and created a list called "Borrowed / Lent" where this task found its home. I then took a stroll through my appartment and recorded all things that were a) missing or b) in my appartment, yet not legally in my posession. I created a task for every one of them and either tagged them with "borrowed" or "lent", as well as with a tag of the corresponding buddy's name.

This way, I can easily find out which things to throw in my backpack's general direction the next time I visit my mom, for example.

I also tend to give these tasks a due date, so that I can nudge people to give me my stuff back.

You'll be amazed how fast this list actually grows…

Thanks for sharing this tip, ahojohnebrause! You’re our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week. :)

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