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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Adding birthday reminders with Address Book

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 by Emily Boyd

Always forgetting to mail out those birthday cards? RTM user odelaney has come up with a cool way to hook up RTM with your Mac Address Book:

Bob remembers birthdays

I wanted to setup a way of getting automatic tasks sent to RTM when someone's birthday was coming up. I know I could just add repeating tasks for birthday reminders, but I wanted a bit more control over it, so it could be automated from my address book. i.e. if I added a contact to my mac address book then their birthday would automatically get sent to RTM as a reminder.

So, I wrote a little AppleScript to do this.

It will automatically send a task email to your RTM inbox a week in advance of someone's birthday, with details of the day & date of their birthday, the age they will be, and their postal address as a note in the task! Then I have all the info I need in RTM to send them a card!

For full details on this tip, check out the forum topic. odelaney is our Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner this week. :)

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