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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Memorising and motivation

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 by Krissy Bradfield

This week’s Tips & Tricks Tuesday entry is a bit different to the ideas we’ve shared over the last few weeks. Firstly, we have two winners – david.esposito1 and dwr816 – and secondly, we’re moving away from technical tips and looking at how RTM can help keep you motivated and aid in memorising important info. The following suggestions are very simple in their set-up and will come in very handy.

david.esposito1 says “If you have a quote that motivates you to focus and move forward and thus being more productive during your day…create a task about it, and have it repeat daily, weekly, monthly…etc. Heck make your own list of quotes that you truly identify with and have them shuffle throughout the week or month and simply have them repeat accordingly on your task list.”

dwr816 adds “I use repeating tasks to help memorize passwords, phone numbers, etc. A reminder repeats till I've memorized the item.”

These are both great ideas and show a really unique way of using Remember The Milk. All they really require is adding a task and setting a repeating frequency – simple stuff! Congratulations to david.esposito1 and dwr816 – you both get a year of Pro access for free!

Do you have a suggestion for our weekly Tips & Tricks post? Got an interesting set-up or idea? Head over to the Tips & Tricks forum, add a new topic, and let us know how you use Remember The Milk. Each week we'll give away a 1 year Pro account to the user whose idea inspires the Tips & Tricks Tuesday blog post for that week.

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