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New: RTM + Gmail gadget goodness

Monday, November 3, 2008 by Emily Boyd

Gmail gadget

We like Gmail. We like gadgets. So when the Gmail team announced gadget support in Gmail Labs last week, we were pretty excited (to say the least).

Today we're launching a new Gmail gadget that can be added to the left nav of any Gmail account, giving convenient access to your tasks alongside your email.

The gadget allows you to review your upcoming tasks for the week (including any overdue), add new tasks and edit existing ones, easily complete and postpone tasks, and customise the display (show tasks from a particular list or Smart List, and optionally show tasks with no due date).

Gmail gadget quick add

With the "quick add" feature, you can easily add tasks and (optionally) include a due date or tag:

Pick up the milk

Call Lizzie at 9am tomorrow

Return library books in 2 weeks

Finish report, tag with work

But what about the RTM for Gmail Firefox extension, you ask? It's still available and won't be changing (it actually offers some features that aren't possible in the gadget at this stage, like the ability to connect tasks with your mail, events, and contacts).

However, this new gadget does have a few benefits over the Firefox extension: (a) it's not limited to Firefox (big plus for IE, Safari, and Chrome users! :); (b) it doesn't need to be installed in each browser where you use Gmail (once added to your Gmail account, it will work anywhere); and (c) it's an "official" feature in Gmail Labs (unlike RTM for Gmail, which only has semi-official support through the experimental Gmail/Greasemonkey API and therefore can be vulnerable to Gmail code changes).

Interested in trying the new gadget? Sweet!

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