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5 cool ways to interact with Remember The Milk

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 by Emily Boyd

1. Remember the Moof Dashboard Widget for OS X

Got a Mac? Malcolm McFarland has developed Remember the Moof, an awesome Dashboard widget that allows you to add and complete tasks, as well as filter by list and tags.

Remember the Moof

2. RTM Tool for Windows

Timo Pijnappel has developed RTM Tool for Windows, a very cool tool that allows you to quickly add tasks to Remember The Milk (complete with due date and tags). It's easily accessible from your Windows system tray or with a customizable hotkey.

RTM Tool for Windows

3. RTM Provider for Thunderbird

RTM Provider for Thunderbird

Do you use Thunderbird with Lightning? Check out RTM Provider for Thunderbird, a fantastic extension by Mike Wu that allows you to access your tasks through Thunderbird and Lightning. Daily Gyan provides a great write-up on getting started with the extension, which Mike currently describes as an alpha release.

4. Add tasks from your desktop with Launchy

We've previously mentioned that using Launchy with Twitter is a neat way of adding tasks to RTM from your desktop. But what if you don't use Twitter? Rahsheen Porter has a helpful guide to using Launchy to add tasks to RTM via email. While you're over at Rahsheen's blog, check out his "Super-Charging Remember The Milk" series for some fantastic tips on Smart Lists and tags and 6 ways to add a task.

RTM on your Windows desktop

5. RTM on your Windows desktop

Use Windows and want quick access to your tasks? Check out Third Error's handy guide to embedding Remember The Milk on your Windows desktop using the Active Desktop feature [via Lifehacker].

Want more?

If you're looking for more ways to interact with Remember The Milk, check out the Services section. Feeling inspired? Read up on the API and start hacking. :)

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