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New for Pro: Introducing Remember The Milk for iPhone & iPod touch

Friday, November 2, 2007 by Emily Boyd

Remember The Milk for iPhone and iPod touch

It's been an extremely popular request, and today we're excited to announce the availability of a special version of Remember The Milk that's optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch. It joins MilkSync as the second feature available exclusively for those special people who have Pro accounts (don't have one yet? Upgrade today :)

Like the original RTM mobile version, the iPhone and iPod touch version allows you to manage your tasks wherever you are and is packed full of features:

  • View upcoming tasks (due today, tomorrow, and this week)
  • View tasks by list (including Smart Lists), tag or location
  • Add new tasks and notes
  • Complete tasks with the touch of a button
  • Edit existing tasks and notes
  • Search tasks (supports advanced search operators)
  • View handy settings (such as your Inbox email address)

Click the thumbnails below to see full-size screenshots:

Viewing the menuViewing the listsViewing the Personal listCompleting a taskViewing a Smart List

Viewing this weekViewing a task Editing a taskViewing notesEditing a note

Ready to use RTM on your iPhone or iPod touch?

Got an iPhone or iPod touch? Try out the optimized version by visiting:

If you don't have a Pro account yet, you'll be able to try the optimized version free for 15 days (just login at the above URL with your iPhone or iPod touch to start the trial).

You can also find more information on the RTM for iPhone and iPod touch page. Enjoy!

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