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Sunday, March 25, 2007 by Emily Boyd

Bob T. Monkey working hard

We've added a bunch of improvements to Remember The Milk this week. We hope you like them!

Add tasks to Smart Lists

Smart Lists are one of the most powerful features in RTM: you can create a special list based on criteria that you define, and it's automatically updated as your tasks change. We've now made it possible to not only view your tasks in a Smart List, but add them too.

Tasks added in Smart Lists will use that list's criteria — so if your Smart List contains all your tasks tagged with 'phone', any tasks you add will be automatically tagged with that too.

This is especially cool when your Smart List is based on multiple criteria, such as high priority tasks tagged with phone that are due today. Tasks added to this Smart List will automatically inherit all these properties.

As an added bonus, this feature isn't just limited to Smart Lists — it works when you click on a tag or location in the Task Cloud too (so it's a quick way to add a task with a particular tag/location). More details on how this all works are available on the help page.

Editable Smart List criteria

You can use advanced search operators to define your criteria for a Smart List, so you might end up with a Smart List that looks for tasks like this:

sharedWith:bobtmonkey AND priority:1 AND dueWithin:"1 week" AND tag:bananas NOT tag:apples
(Translation: High priority tasks shared with Bob, due this week, and tagged with bananas not apples.)

But what if you wanted to tweak the criteria to look for tasks tagged with oranges instead of bananas? You can now edit Smart List criteria on the Settings/Lists screen, and tweak to your heart's content.

New advanced search operators

Ever wanted to search your tasks by the date they were added to Remember The Milk? Meet our new advanced search operator, added, and his friends addedBefore, addedAfter, and addedWithin.

You can now perform handy searches like NOT addedWithin:"3 months" to find all those tasks that you added a while back and never quite got around to doing. See the operators listing for more details.

Duplicate tasks

Need to add a task that's similar to one you already have? Save time by duplicating your task (you'll find this option in the 'More Actions' dropdown on the Tasks screen). You can select multiple tasks and duplicate them in one action, too.

Printable search results

Poor old search results. Regular lists and Smart Lists have always had the print feature, but not him. So that search results doesn't feel left out anymore, we've made him printable too. You can now easily print lists of tasks with particular tags/locations from the Task Cloud too.

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