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Add your tasks to Google Personalized Homepage

Saturday, October 28, 2006 by Emily Boyd

We heard you! By popular demand, we've created a Remember The Milk gadget which you can add to your Google Personalized Homepage. You can now review your tasks alongside your calendar, mail, weather forecasts, and feeds (you can choose from hundreds of gadgets to personalize your page).

What does the gadget do?

You can use the Remember The Milk gadget on your Homepage to:

  • Review your upcoming tasks for the week
  • Add new tasks and edit existing ones
  • Easily complete and postpone tasks
  • Review your overdue tasks
  • Optionally show tasks with no due date

Google Personalized Homepage

Like the rest of the service, the gadget is available in 18 languages and will use your language setting to automatically display in your language.

Ready to add the gadget?

Click the button below to add the Remember The Milk gadget to your Homepage. Not familiar with how Google Personalized Homepage works? Check out Google's help page for more information.

Add to Google

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