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Put your tasks on the map

Sunday, September 3, 2006 by Emily Boyd

Remember The Milk makes sure that you never forget when tasks are due (or as New York Magazine put it recently, "Remember the Milk not only helps you remember to buy the damn milk, it hunts you down to make you remember to buy the damn milk").

With our new 'Locations' feature, you'll never forget where your tasks are located either. Use the map to see where your tasks are located in the real world — see what's nearby or on your way, and plan the best way to get things done.

Locations feature

Save your locations

Start by adding task locations such as home, work, bank, or supermarket. To add new locations, simply click the location on the map or search for a place name. You can also search for a street address (currently available for Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, and the US). Saved locations are always private, with location sharing to come later.

You can set a location for your task in the same way that you can set the due date and other options, with the addition of a handy feature that offers to auto-complete the location name.

Adding a location by address

What's all this stuff on the map?

Flags show both priority and number of tasks at a location. An orange flag indicates a task with high priority at that location, while the number inside the flag shows how many tasks are due. Flags are automatically updated as you make changes to your tasks.

Flags on map

Due date filtering

Just want to focus on the tasks you have due today? Filter your tasks by due date. This feature helps you plan your day by seeing which of your locations have tasks due. The map can show tasks that are due today, tomorrow, this week, or forever. The handy 'Show tasks with no due date' option allows you to include tasks that can be completed anytime.

Due date filtering

Smart clustering

As you adjust the zoom level on the map, locations are automatically grouped to show which tasks are close to others. Have some spare time during your lunch hour? Easily see which tasks are near your office. Heading home for the day? Check which tasks you can perform on the way. Save on time (and fuel) as you work out the best route to complete all your tasks.

Smart clustering

With all that mappy goodness

As Locations is built on the awesome Google Maps, it comes with all kinds of cool mapping features. You can move around the map by dragging with your mouse or using the directional arrows. The slider allows you to zoom in and out. You can also switch to the satellite view to see what your locations look like in real life, or the hybrid view to see streets names and landmarks over satellite imagery. Not familiar with Google Maps? Check out the Google Maps tour.

Satellite view

Taking locations mobile

The mobile-friendly version of Remember The Milk at now supports locations too. If you're out and about, you can see which tasks are due at each location.

What about tagging?

Many users have found that found that tagging tasks with locations is a great way to stay organised. If you've already tagged your tasks with home or supermarket, you might like to switch these over to locations to take advantage of the new features. We've created a tool for converting tags to locations to make this process as easy and painless as possible.

Both tags and locations are now shown in the Task Cloud on the Overview screen. It's also possible to optionally display the Task Cloud on the Tasks screen for fast access to your tags and locations (you'll find this preference on the Settings screen).

So you want to see it all in action?

Check out the short video tutorial demonstrating the Locations features (more details on these features are also available in the help section).

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback. We have some more exciting things coming soon (just in case that wasn't enough for you), so stay tuned!

Update: Google Maps have added street address searching for Australia and New Zealand, so you can now add locations by address in these countries too. Being Australian, we're very excited about this :)

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