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Remember The Milk speaks your language

Saturday, July 8, 2006 by Emily Boyd

Over the past month, hundreds of volunteers have been working towards translating Remember The Milk into over 40 languages. We're excited to announce the availability of the first eight languages, with more to follow shortly — Remember The Milk is now available in:

Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, UK English, French, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish

(You can change your language preference on the Settings screen in your account.)

We'd like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the volunteers who've been helping with translation — it's been a pleasure working with so many wonderful people located all around the world.

Monday, 星期一, maandag, lundi, 月曜日, segunda, lunes

One of our favourite features of Remember The Milk is its ability to understand English — there's no need to look up dates on your calendar, as you can simply tell us that your task is due tomorrow, friday at 5pm, next wednesday, or in 3 weeks. But what about languages other than English?

We've been busy teaching Remember The Milk to understand new languages (that might sound challenging, but it was nowhere near as hard as teaching a stuffed monkey to program in JavaScript!). If your language preference is set to Spanish (for example), you can tell us that your task is due mañana, el viernes a las 5pm, el próximo miércoles, or en 3 semanas.

Editing task details in Spanish

So whether you say Monday, 星期一, maandag, lundi, 月曜日, segunda, or lunes, Remember The Milk speaks your language.

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