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DoCoMo i-mode now supported

Tuesday, July 18, 2006 by Emily Boyd

Welcome to those who have discovered that Remember The Milk speaks their language (unfortunately our blog is still English-only, but we'll work on that :)

After launching our multi-lingual service last week, we received many emails from users in Japan who were disappointed that the mobile version of Remember The Milk didn't work on their i-mode phones.

We're happy to announce that the mobile version now supports DoCoMo i-mode phones, and we've improved support for other phones in Japan. You can try it out at — please let us know if you experience any problems accessing the mobile version from your phone.

We'd like to thank Yuki for helping us to test i-mode support, and Yoshio for sending us this great photo of Remember The Milk on his phone!

Yoshio's DoCoMo phone

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