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Now with tagging, searching, and Smart List goodness

Thursday, January 26, 2006 by Omar Kilani

We've been working hard on our latest release, and we're excited to announce that Remember The Milk now has three major new features: tagging, searching, and (our personal favourite) Smart Lists.


You can now add tags (otherwise known as keywords) to tasks to make them easier to find and organize later. You might want to tag with the type of task (like 'bill' or 'homework'), the action the task requires ('call' or 'email'), or the location of the task ('office' or 'mall'). So later, when you're heading to the mall, you can easily bring up a list of things you need to do while you're there.

Along with tags, we bring you… the task cloud! It's a visual depiction of your task lists and can be found on the overview screen. Lists with more tasks will display in a larger font, with the priorities and due dates of tasks in each list taken into consideration too. Tags are displayed in much the same way (but in blue). The task cloud is a handy way to see which lists need your attention.

Task Cloud


Next up… your own personal tasks search engine. The basic search allows you to enter words that appear in the name of the task you want to locate, with results displaying instantly.

Basic Search

You can also use the extremely powerful advanced search feature to find tasks matching other criteria. For instance, you can find tasks that you've shared with Bob T. Monkey that are high priority and due in the upcoming week and tagged with 'bananas'.

Advanced Search

If that's not enough, you can also use advanced search operators for more complex searches. For example, you could search for tasks that are shared with either Bob T. Monkey or Alice T. Monkey that are not low priority, and are due in January and tagged with 'bananas' but not with 'apples'. Hey, I'm just giving examples here; I never said they were practical. :)

Smart Lists

And finally… Smart Lists are special lists that are created based on criteria that you define, and are automagically updated as your tasks change.

Smart Lists

So what's this useful for? You can create Smart Lists that contain all of your:

  • Tasks with high priority
  • Tasks with no due date
  • Tasks due this month
  • Tasks more than one week overdue (oops!)
  • Tasks tagged with 'mall'
  • Tasks containing the word 'phone'
  • Tasks shared with Bob T. Monkey
  • Tasks that will take less than 15 min
  • Tasks postponed 3 times already (you procrastinator, you!)

And that example with the monkeys, bananas and apples? Yup, that can be a Smart List too.

Like regular lists, Smart Lists can be printed, subscribed to via Atom feeds, and accessed through the iCalendar service. We hope you enjoy using this new feature as much as we've enjoyed developing and playing with it. :)

See it all in action

So you want to see how this all works?

Further details on the new features are also available in the help section. As always, all of these features have international support: you can tag, search, and create Smart Lists in your language.

But that's not all…

While we've been working on these new features, we've also fixed some annoyances and sped things up a whole lot. You should notice faster loading, as well as faster display of lists (especially with Firefox 1.5).

We're continuing work on some other cool features, but in the meantime we hope you enjoy using the new Remember The Milk. We'd love to hear what you think.

Remember The Milk… not just a pretty to-do list.

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