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50,000 tasks

Tuesday, October 18, 2005 by Emily Boyd

As of… right now, there are over 50,000 to-do tasks being managed with Remember The Milk. We've received a tremendous amount of feedback over the past 5 days, and thought we'd share some of it.

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New web services are emerging thick and fast… Some are fine, but still slow… Some are amazing. Check out Remember The Milk, which appeared today: blazingly fast and a clean UI. Hard to imagine you'd use a desktop app for to-do lists anymore.

Ned Wolf:

If your idea of organization centers primarily on to-do lists, this is the application to use… The interface is fast and clean and very intuitive to use. Highly recommended.


The whole thing is the production of only two people, but after just twenty minutes playing with the site I can't say how stunned I am by the UI. If you appreciate usability at all you will be blown away just by the signup page; it validates every field as you complete it! I have to say, this even outdoes the recent stuff that Google has been releasing.

Rachel Nunson:

Just thought I'd publically declare my undying love for RTM. It's the best thing since RSS. It's helped me get things done more quickly already. Loving it.

Tony Summerville:

This web application is so freakin' intuitive – there's way too many features to list here. See 'em for yourself. Best of all: Totally Free!

Dan Li:

Remember The Milk rocks!!! Do I really need a PDA?

More comments we've received

Comment #1:

Very nice. Slick, Ajaxed and lickable – in fact, generally scrumptious. I never though to-do lists could be so exciting (or that I'd ever be enthusiastic about getting organised)!

Comment #2:

I don't have any words, just seven letters: a. w. e. s. o. m. e.

Comment #3:

Very useful, cool idea. it's how a web application should look, feel and behave. well done, one of the best webapps i've ever seen.

Comment #4:

The service is lovely — intuitive, attractive, fast, and amazingly polished for a beta.

Comment #5:

I just logged in for the first time, and at first sight, I'm already in love with Remember the Milk. Really, I just love the clean interface, and judging just by the options I get from the first screen, I already know I'll stick with this for some time to come. Excellent work!

Comment #6:

Absolutely incredible job! This is freakin' great! I'll be telling everyone about this.

Comment #7:

I just discovered your site and I wanted to drop a short line to tell you just how much of a life saver your site is… Your design is clean, very simple to use, and the cow logo is just great. "Remember the Milk" is clever, in addition. Keep up the great work!

Comment #8:

RTM is absolutely brilliant. I've been dying for something like this. Your browser support is great (I'm an Opera user) and the keyboard shortcuts – ah, perfection.

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